Basic Student Money Saving Tips – Part I

travel card

Spending money is much easier than earning! This is a universal statement that many do not pay attention to when appearing in front of a luxury boutique or an expensive night club. Students are not an exception, either. There are so many tempting places students can be intrigued to spend their money in, that eventually they will stay with a big empty hall in a pocket! Not counting living costs that oblige students to spend big sums of money on (transport, books, clothing, fees, etc.), students nowadays simply can’t live without enjoying their youth! And for this they surely need money, as no club, pub or cafe offers beverage for free, let alone museum, theater or cinema tickets. In one word, if you really intend not to starve while studying, to have a warm and comfy place to stay in, study using all the necessary books assigned, not to stay back from your fellow students attending parties or entertainment establishments, then you undoubtedly need to check this article out to discover the top money saving tips! And if you ask “help me to save money, guys” be sure we will help you economize greatly on you spending, thus opening wider horizon of other entertainment in front of you!

Books for Rent

Perhaps the first aspect you should start your money saving with is buying new books. At the beginning of every term, lecturers give students a long list of books necessary for the whole term. The greatest part of these books are quite expensive ones. Prices for some textbooks on Medicine, Natural Sciences, Law and many other subjects can reach up to several thousand dollars! They really do break the bank leaving you with almost no penny in your wallet! Anyway, if you have such kind of a problem, then let us advise you a couple of ways how to acquire a cheap textbook. If you haven’t managed to get the book from the library, look for it elsewhere. For instance, Amazon and Ebay are perfect platforms where you can find used books at inexpensive costs. Another variant is renting the book for the whole year. Certain websites allow for e-version book renting at costs up to and above 50% less than new textbook buying.

Get a Travel Card

Another student money saving tip is economizing on tickets. A student has to travel a lot regularly attending not only his or her university but also different local libraries, theaters, museums and many other establishments that develop their inner world and may be useful in their research assignments. For this, you are to obtain student discount travel cards. You are free to get as a one-year card, so for longer periods up to four or five years. These travel tickets will save up to 50% on your transportation spending. Certain cards also allow group traveling. Apply to local bus operators, as they will definitely have something to offer you as a student. What concerns traveling by plane, discount airlines are what you should look within. There are certain privileges for students traveling to student cities. Anyway, to find cheap flights you’d better start looking for a ticket about twelve weeks before the deadline. When booking early, fees appear much cheaper.

Lifesaving Student Loan

These days studying can appear quite expensive for many students. To pay student fees, most students apply to student loans. But how do student loans work? These loans are tailored to help students deal with their university tuition, books and living expenses. A student does not have to pay back the student loan until he or she graduates from the university. However, despite the whole efficiency and significance of a student loan, you should know how to deal with it not running into deep debts! To learn the best way to save money on a student loan follow a few important tips. First of all, do never borrow more than you really need to pay your tuition and living. These loans must be regarded as a special type of aid provided for getting the education rather than simply spending. Hence, try to cut off your expenses and limit your loans. Another useful advice is repaying the loan whenever you can afford. If you find you can pay more this month than your monthly payment is, then do it without hesitation! The sooner you end up with it the freer you will breathe! Another tip is to constantly stay in touch with your lender. The latter will let you know about any changes have come forward concerning your loans. And do not forget about loan forgiveness! Working in certain public service jobs, you will have a chance to profit by falling under student loan forgiveness. Consider all the point in your loan contract before signing and verifying it.