Basic Student Money Saving Tips – Part II

You already know several ways to save money, but it does not mean that the list is full. There are many other top money saving tips and they are connected with the most ordinary things we do every day. Can you imagine how to increase student savings wearing only fashionable clothes, eating well or just obtaining a simple student card? These are several ways of saving which are applicable to every person.

Smart Ways to Save Money on Clothes

save money on clothes

If you are a fan of designers clothes and can not imagine your life without a trendy jacket or eye-catching sunglasses, do not get sad, you can continue both your fashionable life and saving money as a student.
1. Prefer quality clothing to constant purchases of cheap and badly-sewn examples. Decent clothes will last longer and will not get worn out for a long period of time.
2. Plan your purchases. A buying off season will be definitely more available than hot and trendy variants. Thursday is regarded to be a price-wise day for clothing shopping. You can also know some secret price codes used by major retailers to pay for an item significantly less.
3. Take care of your clothes and wash them less often. Use the protective covers for your favorite examples (vacuum storage bags, containers) and carefully check if the item needs dry cleaning or hand wash before putting it into a washing machine. The second advice may sound unusual, but there are items of sturdier clothes that can be worn for several times and simply aired instead of washing.
4. Choose new pieces to match at least three other outfits from your wardrobe. Resist the temptation of buying something new if it does not work with other things. And remember, 70 % of your clothes should be everyday essentials, so forget about unique evening examples if you can not afford them.
5. A tailor and a hint of creativity are among top money saving tips. If your items no longer fit you, take them to a tailor – it is much cheaper than buying new clothes. And do not forget to use your imagination: hand-made things will never keep up with the Joneses and mix up you look to be fashionable and various every day.

Tricks to Save Money on Food but Still Eat Well

There are things that we can not avoid doing on a daily basis. Eating is one of them. You simply can not and do not need to refuse tasty delicacies, but there are some tricks how to save money on food.
1. Buy food at the farmers markets. You not only get a quality, organic and fresh products but also receive an opportunity to negotiate the price, choose the examples yourself, first shop the perimeter and only then buy etc.
2. Eat out less often and cut the junk. You can also share a dish or split a check with another person.
3. Prepare beforehand. Avoid impulse purchases, check the unit prices, take your own bag with you, make a shopping list, have a budget and a per-day rate.
4. Cook yourself. Learn to prepare food, take your lunch with you, find cheap and tasty recipes.
There are lots of other top money saving tips connected with food. You just need to switch on a little common sense and you will forget about a different way of saving money as a student, as your money spent on food will decrease greatly.
You are suggested only basic tactics how to save money on food, but there are more than dozens of them, so it is enough only to wish and you will pinch pennies easily.

Grab a Student Discount Card

What is a special discount student card? Not every modern student knows it for sure, but in reality, it appears to be a standard ID card given to every student, who enters a university. It bears a host of discounts with local companies, so arm with it to increase your money saving.
There are a lot of cards providers that can increase student savings. It offers more than 170 savings with popular online and store retailers. More than 3200 participating stores offer 10-20% discounts. You can purchase such card and use it during certain term.
It is obvious that every person would like to live at a high rate, but it is hardly possible. It is not that easy to save money as it means that you have to change your habits and style of life, but some little efforts can prove that it is worth trying.